Saturday, July 16, 2011

Term 2 highlights

We have had a great term learning together.
Here is a shape collage to remind us of some of the things we have done together over the last term.

We hope everyone has a great holiday.
Remember we come back to school on Monday 1 August.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Planting Tree Onions

Today we planted our tree onions in the Kitchen Garden. 
We had to go out in between the rain showers so we had to plant quickly before the rain started again.

We had to take the onion bulb out of its pot carefully. Then put it into the hole.
The tree onions will be ready in late summer.

Here is a vimeo showing giving some tips on how to plant tree onions.
How to plant a tree onion from Ham East on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Monday we looked at Room 8 Melville Intermediate's blog. Their teacher had left a comment on our blog post about Te Wiki o te Reo Maori over the weekend. We like learning from the students there so we had a look to see what learning they had done recently. To our surprise there was a fantastic post on their blog about us!

We were so proud of ourselves and all the work we had been doing. 
So our feelings of pride about our blog being read got Anna thinking about what else we are proud of. Here is some of our writing about being proud of ourselves.

I was running up, waiting for Joshua to pass to me. He finally passed the ball. We were halfway. Nobody was in front of me. I can score, I thought to myself. I ran up. Someone rushed in front of me. They were trying to tackle me. I kept on running. I was nearly there. I ran up. I hit the ball. I scored. Everyone was cheering. When the game was over they presented the player of the day. I couldn't believe it! I got player of the day. I was very very very proud.
By Georgia

When I couldn't tie my shoelace I had to call out to my Mum or brother. When I tied my shoe lace it always came undone so my Mum came and she tied it up. I went for a run. I looked down and it didn't come undone. I said, "WOW". The next day I practiced but it came undone again. I got frustrated. I did it one more time. My brother was watching. I slowly put the lace through the hole and tied it up. I went for a run. When I came back I looked down and it hadn't come undone. I showed Mum. I said, "That's my first time doing it." I felt proud of myself.
By Tremaine

I went on my bike down the driveway lots of times. I was falling off the bike because it kept on wobbling. I kept on peddling until it was lunchtime. I never gave up. Two minutes later I got the hang of it. I was so proud. I thought I was amazing. I kept on calling out, "Mum! Watch me. I can ride my bike".
By Leighton

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bridge Building

We have been building different types of bridges from equipment in our classroom. 

Georgia and I built a bridge. We made a suspension bridge. It had three supports on the bottom. We used cellotape, a bit of string, cardboard and two blocks. It took awhile cellotaping the string on because it kept on moving. I think me and Georgia worked as a team. The bridge was strong. I like to build bridges.
By Eva

My bridge is a bascule bridge. Bridges have supports to hold the bridge up so that cars, trucks, and people can go on it. A bascule bridge opens in half to let boats go through.
By Shakshi

Yesterday me, Phillip and Ryan built a bridge. It was a beam bridge. It was so hard because the supports kept falling.
By Makki

The horse

Here is James's story about visiting his Aunty.

My Mum drove to my Aunty’s. Me and my brother were excited because they live on a farm. When we got there we played with the horse and fed it. One day I went to see the horse and he was not there. I ran to my Aunty’s house and told my brother. In the night we got the torch and went outside. I heard a horse noise. Next we jumped over the gate and saw that the horse was stuck in the front gate. Me and my brother got the horse out. We saw that he had a cut. We didn’t know what to do so we got our Aunty. She was so worried.
By James.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ball Skills with Project Energize

We have been lucky to be working with Sonja from Project Energize. Every week she teaches us new skills and during the week we practice what she has taught us. Sonja has some really great tips.

Here is a vimeo of some of the work we have been doing.

Ball Skills from Ham East on Vimeo.

Sonja gave us some tips about basketball. You have to bounce the ball with jellyfish fingers. That means when you bounce it you don't have flat fingers you have them slightly bent. The next tip is that you never smack the ball with flat hands or with the palm of your hand. Next she taught us to catch the ball. When you catch the ball you don't touch your thumbs together otherwise the ball falls out of your hands. You have to keep your hands further away.
By Tarn
We had to use jellyfish fingertips, otherwise, you can't control it. My favourite game was builders and bulldozers. If you are a builder you have to flip the cones up. If you are a bulldozer you have to turn the cones upside down. You have to do this while dribbling the ball.
By Rebecca
When we were playing builders and bulldozers, the builders had to make the cones go the right way up and the bulldozers had to make the cones go the wrong way up. We had to do that while bouncing a basketball. The games teach us skills, like dribbling and running. The passing game was easy, at least the passing part was but the catching was a bit hard.
By Yusuf

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

This week to celebrate Māori language week we have tried to speak as much Māori as possible. We have been surprised by how much we know. It has also motivated us to learn more too.
The Kapahaka group from Peachgrove Intermediate came to do a performance for us. We thought they were amazing. They performed confidently and sang beautifully. We liked their actions and how they worked together as a team. Some of us got scared when they did the haka and pukana. We hope they visit us again soon.

Kapahaka Peachgrove Intermediate from Ham East on Vimeo.


We looked at Room 8 at Melville Intermediate's blog and they taught us how to do the rakau.
We used rolled up magazines as our rakau. Then we practised doing the same rakau moves as Melville Intermediate. Take a look at our video to see how we got on.

Rakau from Ham East on Vimeo.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Kiwi Sport - Rippa Rugby

On Friday we played Rippa Rugby with Room 13.
We learnt some new skills from Boots, our Kiwi Sport coach. 
We and cheered for each other.

Here is a video of us in action. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Engineers and Bridge Building

Today we had some parents who are engineers come into our class to talk about their job. Sarah and Henry worked with our class and gave us some information about bridges. We found out about all the things engineers can do.

They set a bridge building competition for us. In pairs we had an A4 piece of paper and we had to build a strong bridge.

We tested them outside using a bag and water bottles. We tested who's bridge could hold the most water bottles.


Liz and Kurtis, Rebecca and Tarn, and Yusuf and Xakiryion's bridges were the strongest. Their bridges could hold 2 small water bottle and 1 big water bottle.

 Mr Kerr built a really strong bridge. His bridge could 7 water bottles, 2 pens and 1 stapler! WOW!!  
We are going to try and build some stronger bridges on Monday.

Thank you Sarah, Henry, Sally and Mr Kerr for telling us about your job and giving us great tips.