Monday, July 11, 2011

Bridge Building

We have been building different types of bridges from equipment in our classroom. 

Georgia and I built a bridge. We made a suspension bridge. It had three supports on the bottom. We used cellotape, a bit of string, cardboard and two blocks. It took awhile cellotaping the string on because it kept on moving. I think me and Georgia worked as a team. The bridge was strong. I like to build bridges.
By Eva

My bridge is a bascule bridge. Bridges have supports to hold the bridge up so that cars, trucks, and people can go on it. A bascule bridge opens in half to let boats go through.
By Shakshi

Yesterday me, Phillip and Ryan built a bridge. It was a beam bridge. It was so hard because the supports kept falling.
By Makki


  1. We love experiments and this looks really cool! We recently did a cool experiment involving weathering and erosion.

  2. Makki
    I really love the piece of writing that goes with this work, I think its incredibly interesting that the photographs have gone with it because I enjoyed looking at them. I liked the pictures of the students standing on the bridge, that shows us how much weight that the bridge can take.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  3. Thanks Room 8 but we have something to tell you.....our bridges weren't strong enough for people to stand on! That is just Anna's trick photography. When we had a closer look at the photos we could understand how you could think that though.
    We will do some bridge building tomorrow to see how strong we can make them.
    From Room 14