Friday, July 1, 2011

Engineers and Bridge Building

Today we had some parents who are engineers come into our class to talk about their job. Sarah and Henry worked with our class and gave us some information about bridges. We found out about all the things engineers can do.

They set a bridge building competition for us. In pairs we had an A4 piece of paper and we had to build a strong bridge.

We tested them outside using a bag and water bottles. We tested who's bridge could hold the most water bottles.


Liz and Kurtis, Rebecca and Tarn, and Yusuf and Xakiryion's bridges were the strongest. Their bridges could hold 2 small water bottle and 1 big water bottle.

 Mr Kerr built a really strong bridge. His bridge could 7 water bottles, 2 pens and 1 stapler! WOW!!  
We are going to try and build some stronger bridges on Monday.

Thank you Sarah, Henry, Sally and Mr Kerr for telling us about your job and giving us great tips.


  1. this suff is good i wish i went to this school but i go to te rapa school by elizabeth's cousin rm 14

  2. We enjoyed coming in and helping the budding engineers.