Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Monday we looked at Room 8 Melville Intermediate's blog. Their teacher had left a comment on our blog post about Te Wiki o te Reo Maori over the weekend. We like learning from the students there so we had a look to see what learning they had done recently. To our surprise there was a fantastic post on their blog about us!

We were so proud of ourselves and all the work we had been doing. 
So our feelings of pride about our blog being read got Anna thinking about what else we are proud of. Here is some of our writing about being proud of ourselves.

I was running up, waiting for Joshua to pass to me. He finally passed the ball. We were halfway. Nobody was in front of me. I can score, I thought to myself. I ran up. Someone rushed in front of me. They were trying to tackle me. I kept on running. I was nearly there. I ran up. I hit the ball. I scored. Everyone was cheering. When the game was over they presented the player of the day. I couldn't believe it! I got player of the day. I was very very very proud.
By Georgia

When I couldn't tie my shoelace I had to call out to my Mum or brother. When I tied my shoe lace it always came undone so my Mum came and she tied it up. I went for a run. I looked down and it didn't come undone. I said, "WOW". The next day I practiced but it came undone again. I got frustrated. I did it one more time. My brother was watching. I slowly put the lace through the hole and tied it up. I went for a run. When I came back I looked down and it hadn't come undone. I showed Mum. I said, "That's my first time doing it." I felt proud of myself.
By Tremaine

I went on my bike down the driveway lots of times. I was falling off the bike because it kept on wobbling. I kept on peddling until it was lunchtime. I never gave up. Two minutes later I got the hang of it. I was so proud. I thought I was amazing. I kept on calling out, "Mum! Watch me. I can ride my bike".
By Leighton


  1. Wow cool story Leighton, I remember that day very well!...Mum

  2. Well Room Fourteen, I really like the work that your students have been putting up online on this wonderful site. I will get all the students in my class to leave comments, if its not this term then definatly after the holidays! Keep up the good work!