Friday, July 8, 2011

Ball Skills with Project Energize

We have been lucky to be working with Sonja from Project Energize. Every week she teaches us new skills and during the week we practice what she has taught us. Sonja has some really great tips.

Here is a vimeo of some of the work we have been doing.

Ball Skills from Ham East on Vimeo.

Sonja gave us some tips about basketball. You have to bounce the ball with jellyfish fingers. That means when you bounce it you don't have flat fingers you have them slightly bent. The next tip is that you never smack the ball with flat hands or with the palm of your hand. Next she taught us to catch the ball. When you catch the ball you don't touch your thumbs together otherwise the ball falls out of your hands. You have to keep your hands further away.
By Tarn
We had to use jellyfish fingertips, otherwise, you can't control it. My favourite game was builders and bulldozers. If you are a builder you have to flip the cones up. If you are a bulldozer you have to turn the cones upside down. You have to do this while dribbling the ball.
By Rebecca
When we were playing builders and bulldozers, the builders had to make the cones go the right way up and the bulldozers had to make the cones go the wrong way up. We had to do that while bouncing a basketball. The games teach us skills, like dribbling and running. The passing game was easy, at least the passing part was but the catching was a bit hard.
By Yusuf


  1. That look's so cool by Makki room 14

  2. Wow thats looks really.Whats your favourite part about learning what to do with the ball?.
    From Tayla room 12