Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Descriptive Writing

We looked at Room 2 Burnham School's blog (see link on the side of our blog) and loved the idea of writing about stalking a cream bun.  The children had written amazing stories pretending to hunt their cream bun much like an animal might hunt his prey.  They were also encouraged to describe their cream bun without actually stating what it was.  We decided to have a go at writing on this topic and kept to their criteria.  Here a three stories.  Can you guess it is a cream bun they are hunting from the descriptions?

I sneaked into the cloak bay.  I was getting my creamy gooey sponge.  It melted.  I sneaked to my lunchbox.  I opened my lunchbox and I took a big bite of my sponge.  All the cream splat all over my face.  I licked with surprise.  I licked and licked, and then there was hardly anything there.  Then I went back to the class.
By Alaa

I stalk the smell of the fruity lava.  I pounce on the pantry door.  I swing it open.  I take a big bite.  I feel that the clouds have landed on my tongue.  The gooey lava drips down my throat.  The attack begins.  The lava lands on me.  I start to burn.  I attack back.  It squirts cold white clouds on the lava.  It has been defeated and victory is mine.  The lava is so cold that it turns into fluffy clouds.  More lava squirts out.  I dodge it and it melts on the floor.  I squirt my weapon and before it squirts I eat it.
By Chloe S

I was hiding under my desk.  It was looking at me sitting there, doing nothing.  I was creeping closer and closer to it.  It was sitting there in my lunchbox, jumping up and down.  I pounced on it so it couldn’t run away.   It started to run away.  It was smooth indeed.  I ran after it.  I couldn’t stop because of the beaming smell of blueberry.  I finally caught it.  I threw it in my mouth.  It was spongy and slippery.  I couldn’t stop the squirting in my mouth.  It was delicious.  I gobbled it all up.  That was my delicious lunch.
By Rafeea

Monday, March 19, 2012

Making a Monster at the Waikato Museum

On Wednesday we went to museum.  We went into three different activities.  The first one was with Ray seeing the 'How to Make a Monster' exhibition. At the end of looking at the exhibition where we were able to press buttons to move the monsters, eight children disappeared with Ray.  Instead of them a monster came back.

Some of us were a little bit scared.  This monster could glow light, lift his tail and fart (rude thing), and open his mouth wide.  His three eyes changed colours and lit up.

Ray showed us how the monster worked.  There were eight children in him.  His tail moved up and down with a pump.  The fart noise was children using a whoopy cushion.  Someone had a controller connected to a pipe that was attached to the head.  They could make the lights come on and off but it chose the colours.

This shows the balloon that was inside his tail

Next we went with Sybilla to make a movie.  The first thing we did was make the background.  We got a beach background and clipped it to the back, sides and bottom of our stage. 

 We added lights using two lamps.  Then we tested which colour to use using coloured cellophane in the windows.  If we put two different colours in the windows they mixed to make it either darker, lighter, brighter or duller.

We put some wooden people in position.  We added a prop in the shape of a building.  We got to take turns moving the people's bodies.  We were only allowed to move them a little bit.  Each time we moved a piece slightly we took a photograph.  We took 50 photographs all together.

Our camera man took all the pictures.  Then Sybilla saved the photographs onto her computer and made them into a movie.  Our movie is suppose to go onto youtube soon and we will send you the link when they notify us.

The last thing we did at the museum was to visit Nathan who told us about taniwha.  He told us three stories and then we got to do a play retelling one of the stories.  We got to wear some amazing costumes for our part in the play.  Some of us made up a tree and waved our branches.  There were two taniwhas who swam and danced around the stage.  Everyone had a part in the play and Nathan thought we were fantastic.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cooking our potatoes

We washed the potatoes that came out of our garden.  We scrubbed them until they were clean.

We cut the potatoes as thin as we could.  The potatoes were purple inside because they are Maori potato and the name translates to 'dog pooh'.  The potatoes are a lumpy oval shape.  When we cut them we had lots of circle and oval chip shapes.  Then we dried the potatoes off between two kitchen towels.

We painted the potatoes with melted butter so they would brown.  We only used a little bit of butter so they wouldn't burn.  The butter also added flavour and made them taste delicious.

When the oven was hot we put the chips into the oven in a single layer so they would crisp up.

When the potatoes were cooked we added a little salt.  We could smell them cook and were eager to eat them.  When they were cool we munched them all up with delight. 

Harvesting potatoes

Finally it is time to harvest potatoes.  We pulled and tugged at all of the old potato tops.  The soil was wet, muddy, and icky.  It was exciting and fun.  There were big potatoes and small potatoes.  The potatoes were purple.
By Waimarino

All the branches were old.  We found potatoes on them.  We dug and dug and found a lot and I picked up one.  They were sticky, yucky, sticky, yucky, and sooooo muddy that when I picked up mine it was dirty as dirty as.  Heaps of other people in my class got heaps.  It was a shame I only got one.  Then Fabian, Christopher, and Tylah-Dawnn got heaps.  Not heaps, thousands.  The bucket was full with big ones, small ones, huge ones, and medium ones.  Then they came back with the bucket full of potatoes.  We’re going to have a big feast on Friday. Mmmmm.
By Jordan

The potatoes look like big bunches of grapes.  The potatoes were all bumby.  Scratch, scratch, scratch.  We dug lots of potatoes.  The soil was really wet.  We had to pull out all of the old plants.  All of the potatoes started lifting up.  We are going to cook them on Friday and eat them all up.  I felt very excited.  I found a whole heap of them.  We all took turns.  We filled up one whole bucket and we nearly got another bucket because there were lots of potatoes.  I can’t wait to eat my scrummy potatoes.  I love harvesting potatoes.
By Chole S


Friday, March 2, 2012

Writing - Swimming

Getting Wet

I was jumping up and down singing ‘ring-a-ring-a-rosies’. My goal was getting wet so I tried and tried to get wet until my nose touched the water. Then I had done it! When I was jumping up and down singing ‘ring-a-ring-a-rosie’ I thought it was helping me to move in the water. I was still a little frightened of splashes the people made but day-by-day I got braver and braver. Swimming even helped me float with the board. I love swimming.

By Rafeea

My Swimming Goal

I zoom through the open gate door. I zoom inside the open girls changing room door and I got changed very, very, quickly. I got out of the girls changing room and waited for my turn alongside the gate. Now it’s my groups turn to get in. I slide in the safe way. It was cold and chilly in the pool. My group is swimming lengths. My goal was pinkie finger out before the others for backstroke. I have to float on my back, get my motor legs ready, my ice cream scoop hands ready, and push off. My motor legs made huge and tiny bubbles. My ice cream scoop hands made me go fast. So did my motor legs. It was time to get out, grab my towel, and get changed. That was the end of swimming today. Time to go back to class. I love swimming.

By Tylah-Dawnn