Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cooking our potatoes

We washed the potatoes that came out of our garden.  We scrubbed them until they were clean.

We cut the potatoes as thin as we could.  The potatoes were purple inside because they are Maori potato and the name translates to 'dog pooh'.  The potatoes are a lumpy oval shape.  When we cut them we had lots of circle and oval chip shapes.  Then we dried the potatoes off between two kitchen towels.

We painted the potatoes with melted butter so they would brown.  We only used a little bit of butter so they wouldn't burn.  The butter also added flavour and made them taste delicious.

When the oven was hot we put the chips into the oven in a single layer so they would crisp up.

When the potatoes were cooked we added a little salt.  We could smell them cook and were eager to eat them.  When they were cool we munched them all up with delight. 


  1. Wow!That looks nice I wish I was there to eat them.They do look crispy.
    room 8

  2. that looks really yummy

  3. Those chips look very yummy room 14 and I bet they tasted even better because you grew the potatoes and then made the chips yourself.

  4. What a great job you have done cooking your potatoes!
    Do you know that these potatoes aren't tutaekuri potatoes? Tutaekuri are purple on the outside and on the inside. They are also a different shape to the potatoes you have grown.
    I bet they tasted delicious.
    From Anna
    Room 4

  5. Kia Ora,

    We have had a familiar learning experiences with preparing and eating potatoes from our school garden. Most of us haven't never heard of Maori potatoes before but we are going to plant some next spring.

    We also like the ideas how to crisp the chips.

    Burnham School, Room 2

  6. Yum, They do look good. Perhaps Chloe and Tylah Dawn will have to do some baking here over the holidays as they look like they certainly know what they are doing in the kitchen

  7. nice chips Rebecca rm8

  8. I wish I could have some more. They were so yummy
    Taane and Chastian rm8

  9. Juan carlos room12

    I like potatoes, and I liked your chips you made. I wish I could eat one!!!