Monday, March 19, 2012

Making a Monster at the Waikato Museum

On Wednesday we went to museum.  We went into three different activities.  The first one was with Ray seeing the 'How to Make a Monster' exhibition. At the end of looking at the exhibition where we were able to press buttons to move the monsters, eight children disappeared with Ray.  Instead of them a monster came back.

Some of us were a little bit scared.  This monster could glow light, lift his tail and fart (rude thing), and open his mouth wide.  His three eyes changed colours and lit up.

Ray showed us how the monster worked.  There were eight children in him.  His tail moved up and down with a pump.  The fart noise was children using a whoopy cushion.  Someone had a controller connected to a pipe that was attached to the head.  They could make the lights come on and off but it chose the colours.

This shows the balloon that was inside his tail

Next we went with Sybilla to make a movie.  The first thing we did was make the background.  We got a beach background and clipped it to the back, sides and bottom of our stage. 

 We added lights using two lamps.  Then we tested which colour to use using coloured cellophane in the windows.  If we put two different colours in the windows they mixed to make it either darker, lighter, brighter or duller.

We put some wooden people in position.  We added a prop in the shape of a building.  We got to take turns moving the people's bodies.  We were only allowed to move them a little bit.  Each time we moved a piece slightly we took a photograph.  We took 50 photographs all together.

Our camera man took all the pictures.  Then Sybilla saved the photographs onto her computer and made them into a movie.  Our movie is suppose to go onto youtube soon and we will send you the link when they notify us.

The last thing we did at the museum was to visit Nathan who told us about taniwha.  He told us three stories and then we got to do a play retelling one of the stories.  We got to wear some amazing costumes for our part in the play.  Some of us made up a tree and waved our branches.  There were two taniwhas who swam and danced around the stage.  Everyone had a part in the play and Nathan thought we were fantastic.


  1. H was very excited to show us this blog post. He really enjoyed the trip to the museum. What a scary looking monster.

  2. Wow! The monster must be really masive to have 8 children in it. I can't wait to go to the museum with my class. :)

  3. I liked looking at the monster you made. Our class are going to the museum on Friday and I hope we make a monster too.
    Lackhlan rm8

  4. Wow that look like fun. I wish I was there.Lota RM 8

  5. Hi Hamilton East School. Your animated clips are now on YouTube
    Have a look!

  6. that looked cool.