Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Matariki starts on the 4th of June.
We have been learning about what Matariki is and how we could celebrate it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Wind

Illustration by Rebecca

The wind sounds like a river when it goes past our classroom. I was like an ice cube when I was outside. The wind kept blowing against me. 
By Kurtis
Illustration by James

The breeze is blowing against my face. The magical wind made me feel like flying. When the wind whistles it sounds like a scary ghost. The freezing wind felt like a humungous ice cube. 
By Rebecca
Illustration by Georgia

I gathered a pile of wet leaves. I chucked the leaves in the sky. It went on my head. I got another pile of leaves and we chucked them in the sky. It was everywhere on me. When the leaves fell on me it felt wet and slimy and dirty.
By Jiuta
Illustration by Tremaine
The breeze blew into my face as I walked outside. The trees were blowing against me. The wind blew my hair. It sounded like the ocean noises. The branches of the redwood were moving against the wind. I was shivering like an iceblock.
By Eva

Illustration by Robert
The breezy wind felt very nice when I was standing outside. The wind was blowing against the rattling leaves that blew into each other. When I walked out the door I could feel the wind blowing against my arms. I was standing out in the cold icy wind. The whistling wind was so so cold.
By Aisha

Illustration by Leighton
The wind sounds like ocean waves around me. Then the wind started freezing me. The wind was like ice when it blew me away. I couldn’t stay still. I like the lovely breeze because it felt so beautiful on my skin. It’s like a soft hand wash.
By Lacey

Illustration by Eva
The wind started to blow around me. It pushed against my arms and blew at my face like a mini tornado. The trees started swaying. The wind began pushing the trees backwards and forwards. The wind was howling in my ears. It felt like I was in Arctic.
By Tarn

Illustration by Lucy
The whistling wind blew towards my face. It blew my hair right back behind my head. The wind moves my legs by blowing against me. The wind was really refreshing. It was spectacular. It was so very strong. The wind blew like a big tornado around me. I was a frozen iceblock.
By Leighton

Illustration by Ryan
The whistling wind blew into my face. It made me shiver. I put my arms out wide. It blew hard. It made my arms move. The tree was moving and dropping leaves. It felt like a snowy day.
By Tremaine

 Illustration by Tarn

The wind was making me cold. When the wind blew I moved a little bit. The tree rattled. Leaves were coming down some went in my face. I put my arms out my clothes were blowing.
By Ryan

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Listen to Abdullah's writing about the wind.


At the moment we are learning about multiplication and division. 
We are learning about making groups of things. 

This is how our class looks at maths time. One group is working with the teacher. The rest of us are doing independent maths games. We have to make sure we have a working noise so Anna can hear her group - this is really hard when you are winning the game!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Energise Sport

Every Friday the Year 4's in Rooms 13 and 14 will take part in a Sports afternoon with Project Energise. For the next 3 weeks we are focusing on basketball.
Phil, the instructor, is teaching us new skills. 
We have to be focused learners so we don't miss out.

We will need to practise during the week so we can impress Phil with what we have learnt. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bridge Trip

On Friday 13 May Totara Team went on a bridge tour along the Waikato River.
We went on a bus across the Cobham Drive Bridge, across the Victoria Bridge and along River Road. At Fairfield Bridge we got off the bus and walked across it.
Then we walked along the river path back to school. We went under all the bridges along the way. We walked a long way but we really enjoyed seeing how all the bridges were different.
Fairfield Bridge 

Whitiora Bridge

A boardwalk bridge

Claudelands Bridge & the Railway Bridge.

Victoria Bridge

The river path along the Waikato River.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


My Dad says "You and your sister can do the dishes". I run away and hide. He always finds me and sends me  to the kitchen. Me and my sister fight about who wants to wash and dry. She comes after me with a wet tea towel. Dad growls me. She laughs and I go after her. Then Dad growls me again. I always think why do I get the blame when she started it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reflection 11 May 2011

Here are the things Room 14 loved doing the most today.
We saw a tui in the Totara and Oak trees outside our classroom.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Making Leaf Mulch

At the the moment there are a lot of beautiful autumn leaves around our school. 
Every day Dugan uses his leaf blower to move them.

Anna gets an email every Friday from the NZ Gardener giving ideas of things you can do in your garden. Last week it gave Anna an idea of what we could do with all the leaves.
We piled up the leaves around middle flat. We got some black rubbish bags from Dugan and filled them with the autumn leaves. Over winter the leaves inside the bag will break down and in summer we will have great leaf mulch for our garden. This will help our plants grow.


Our new topic this term is about Bridges. 
Soon we are going to go on a bridge tour and look at the different bridges across the Waikato River in Hamilton. 
We had a discussion on bridges. Here are some of our ideas.
  • If there's one road there can be another road going over it to avoid traffic.
  • Help you get across bridges
  • Maybe they can go over a river/ocean.
  • One place is here. Another place is here. It joins them together. 
  • Cars go across it.
  • Made for people to get to the other side.
  • Helps you go to the other side.
  • Helps you get across so you don't die.
  • Long, straight & cars can go on it.
  • There can be a path on it.
  • Its something that goes across things. 
  • Go over to the other side of city.
  • You can exercise on them.
  • bikes
  • cars to go across
  • walk across to the other side
  • lead you to wharf
  • cars and people use them to go to work/town/other places
  • some bridges lift up so boats/ships can go underneath them
  • the sticks that hold it up can be a home for creatures
  • going from one side to another
  • City Icon - like London Bridge

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Autumn leaves

I chucked some leaves in the air. I like how it fell on me. It felt like a 1000 pillows.
By James
I saw leaves on the grass. I was so excited that I threw them to the sun. It was like an asteriod falling.
By Makki

I gathered old rusty wet leaves into a pile. Then I threw them so hard into the air that they were flying around. Some of the leaves landed on my hair and got stuck in my clothes.
By Aisha
It felt like a ball of spiders were going all on my back. It looked like big chunks of orange rain falling on my head.
By Robert
They were wet and cold. I threw a lot of leaves in the sky. They came down and landed all over the place. Some went down my t.shirt. Some leaves were dry and crunchy. I gathered another lot of leaves. I threw them in the air. It smelled like autumn.
By Georgia