Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Wind

Illustration by Rebecca

The wind sounds like a river when it goes past our classroom. I was like an ice cube when I was outside. The wind kept blowing against me. 
By Kurtis
Illustration by James

The breeze is blowing against my face. The magical wind made me feel like flying. When the wind whistles it sounds like a scary ghost. The freezing wind felt like a humungous ice cube. 
By Rebecca
Illustration by Georgia

I gathered a pile of wet leaves. I chucked the leaves in the sky. It went on my head. I got another pile of leaves and we chucked them in the sky. It was everywhere on me. When the leaves fell on me it felt wet and slimy and dirty.
By Jiuta
Illustration by Tremaine
The breeze blew into my face as I walked outside. The trees were blowing against me. The wind blew my hair. It sounded like the ocean noises. The branches of the redwood were moving against the wind. I was shivering like an iceblock.
By Eva

Illustration by Robert
The breezy wind felt very nice when I was standing outside. The wind was blowing against the rattling leaves that blew into each other. When I walked out the door I could feel the wind blowing against my arms. I was standing out in the cold icy wind. The whistling wind was so so cold.
By Aisha

Illustration by Leighton
The wind sounds like ocean waves around me. Then the wind started freezing me. The wind was like ice when it blew me away. I couldn’t stay still. I like the lovely breeze because it felt so beautiful on my skin. It’s like a soft hand wash.
By Lacey

Illustration by Eva
The wind started to blow around me. It pushed against my arms and blew at my face like a mini tornado. The trees started swaying. The wind began pushing the trees backwards and forwards. The wind was howling in my ears. It felt like I was in Arctic.
By Tarn

Illustration by Lucy
The whistling wind blew towards my face. It blew my hair right back behind my head. The wind moves my legs by blowing against me. The wind was really refreshing. It was spectacular. It was so very strong. The wind blew like a big tornado around me. I was a frozen iceblock.
By Leighton

Illustration by Ryan
The whistling wind blew into my face. It made me shiver. I put my arms out wide. It blew hard. It made my arms move. The tree was moving and dropping leaves. It felt like a snowy day.
By Tremaine

 Illustration by Tarn

The wind was making me cold. When the wind blew I moved a little bit. The tree rattled. Leaves were coming down some went in my face. I put my arms out my clothes were blowing.
By Ryan

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