Thursday, May 5, 2011

Autumn leaves

I chucked some leaves in the air. I like how it fell on me. It felt like a 1000 pillows.
By James
I saw leaves on the grass. I was so excited that I threw them to the sun. It was like an asteriod falling.
By Makki

I gathered old rusty wet leaves into a pile. Then I threw them so hard into the air that they were flying around. Some of the leaves landed on my hair and got stuck in my clothes.
By Aisha
It felt like a ball of spiders were going all on my back. It looked like big chunks of orange rain falling on my head.
By Robert
They were wet and cold. I threw a lot of leaves in the sky. They came down and landed all over the place. Some went down my t.shirt. Some leaves were dry and crunchy. I gathered another lot of leaves. I threw them in the air. It smelled like autumn.
By Georgia

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  1. Wow, great writing Room 14. It made me want to go and play in the leaves!
    Ms Nagels