Friday, May 20, 2011

Bridge Trip

On Friday 13 May Totara Team went on a bridge tour along the Waikato River.
We went on a bus across the Cobham Drive Bridge, across the Victoria Bridge and along River Road. At Fairfield Bridge we got off the bus and walked across it.
Then we walked along the river path back to school. We went under all the bridges along the way. We walked a long way but we really enjoyed seeing how all the bridges were different.
Fairfield Bridge 

Whitiora Bridge

A boardwalk bridge

Claudelands Bridge & the Railway Bridge.

Victoria Bridge

The river path along the Waikato River.


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  2. Wow Room 14, I really enjoyed looking at your photo's of the bridges. I hope you all enjoyed your trip and learnt lots :] (Whaea Tash)