Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Our new topic this term is about Bridges. 
Soon we are going to go on a bridge tour and look at the different bridges across the Waikato River in Hamilton. 
We had a discussion on bridges. Here are some of our ideas.
  • If there's one road there can be another road going over it to avoid traffic.
  • Help you get across bridges
  • Maybe they can go over a river/ocean.
  • One place is here. Another place is here. It joins them together. 
  • Cars go across it.
  • Made for people to get to the other side.
  • Helps you go to the other side.
  • Helps you get across so you don't die.
  • Long, straight & cars can go on it.
  • There can be a path on it.
  • Its something that goes across things. 
  • Go over to the other side of city.
  • You can exercise on them.
  • bikes
  • cars to go across
  • walk across to the other side
  • lead you to wharf
  • cars and people use them to go to work/town/other places
  • some bridges lift up so boats/ships can go underneath them
  • the sticks that hold it up can be a home for creatures
  • going from one side to another
  • City Icon - like London Bridge

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