Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We are learning about Matariki. 
We have been talking and reading books to learn more about it. We created a poster in pic collage to show you what we know so far. 
What do you know about Matariki? 
How are you going to celebrate?

Click on the picture to take you to the web page. 
You can learn more about Matariki or test your knowledge.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Imaginary islands

Imagine a land of candy, imagine a land of treats, imagine a land of ice cream, imagine a land of sweets. All of these can be there if you wish to dream and if you keep on going you might be a king or queen. So take a look at all your magical dreams and find what you can find, and see what you can see. Whats that? Upon the sea lies a land of gold. Its a legendary island that has been foretold. So grab a boat and set of afloat upon the glittering sea. What?! Upon the land of money and gold, lies a dwarf wrinkled and old.
"Off with you!" snarled the little beast. "Otherwise I'll be in for a feast!" We all knew he wouldn't eat us and he wouldn't stay and fuss. The dwarf unleashed a TERRIBLE beast that blew our minds away. A dragon, a wolf and a fox combined. As it roared its terrible roar we all flurried for shore. And as all good books have to end it is now time for mine, but keep on reading, keep on dreaming and of course keep on trying.
Written by Isabel Rm14

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our amazing author visit

Totara team had an author visit us, her name was Tahlia Evered. She read us one of the stories that she wrote. She showed us the three books that she has written too. We all made a story together as a class. It was exciting when she showed us her tricks for writing a story. She doesn't write her ideas down in order. When she has an idea she talks to people she knows, then she writes it down. We thought up our own creative stories and then wrote them down. 
Check our kid blog to see some of our writing.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Tane Mahuta Day

Today is Tane Mahuta day. Tane Mahuta day is a day that we celebrate the trees. Our school has lots of trees. We visited Putikitiki to take photos of the leaves and we had a leaf shower. Do you know what a leaf shower is? 
Well let us tell you....
We threw some leaves up in the air and stood underneath them. We had fun playing with the leaves.

What did you do to celebrate Tane Mahuta Day?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Money, money, money!

We are learning about money. We learned that New Zealand money has changed. We were lucky enough to see some coins that used to be used when Mrs Blair was a child. We compared the old money to our new coins. That's how we discovered that some of the money we don't use any more because we used to have 1 and 2 cent pieces! The coins we do use are smaller and lighter. We talked about how blind people know what each coin is by feeling the ridges along the coins. 

Have you seen the old coins before?