Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our amazing author visit

Totara team had an author visit us, her name was Tahlia Evered. She read us one of the stories that she wrote. She showed us the three books that she has written too. We all made a story together as a class. It was exciting when she showed us her tricks for writing a story. She doesn't write her ideas down in order. When she has an idea she talks to people she knows, then she writes it down. We thought up our own creative stories and then wrote them down. 
Check our kid blog to see some of our writing.

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  1. That was a lovely day today with Tahlia she was awesome to be with us. And thank you rm15 for letting us come with you for the middle block with Tahlia. We wouldn't had any space in our class though so lucky we came in your class anyway.
    Reply if she came with your class today or had you?
    From Alexus Rm14 H.E.S.