Friday, June 6, 2014

Tane Mahuta Day

Today is Tane Mahuta day. Tane Mahuta day is a day that we celebrate the trees. Our school has lots of trees. We visited Putikitiki to take photos of the leaves and we had a leaf shower. Do you know what a leaf shower is? 
Well let us tell you....
We threw some leaves up in the air and stood underneath them. We had fun playing with the leaves.

What did you do to celebrate Tane Mahuta Day?


  1. Wow that was a really nice day at school today!
    What was your favorite thing on tane mahuta day?
    From AlexusRm14 HES.

  2. Tane Mahuta Day is one of my favourite days at HES. I spent the day enjoying our beautiful school and checking out all our learners in various activities .

  3. Thanks for taking us down to putikitiki.
    we could do that again one day.
    I guest that you loved Tane Mahuta Day as well as me.
    from Josh Room14 HES

  4. I liked hugging the trees
    do you like trees
    From Ciara rm 14