Friday, June 20, 2014

Imaginary islands

Imagine a land of candy, imagine a land of treats, imagine a land of ice cream, imagine a land of sweets. All of these can be there if you wish to dream and if you keep on going you might be a king or queen. So take a look at all your magical dreams and find what you can find, and see what you can see. Whats that? Upon the sea lies a land of gold. Its a legendary island that has been foretold. So grab a boat and set of afloat upon the glittering sea. What?! Upon the land of money and gold, lies a dwarf wrinkled and old.
"Off with you!" snarled the little beast. "Otherwise I'll be in for a feast!" We all knew he wouldn't eat us and he wouldn't stay and fuss. The dwarf unleashed a TERRIBLE beast that blew our minds away. A dragon, a wolf and a fox combined. As it roared its terrible roar we all flurried for shore. And as all good books have to end it is now time for mine, but keep on reading, keep on dreaming and of course keep on trying.
Written by Isabel Rm14


  1. Isabel, I loved reading your expression in your story! It made me smile, especially ready about the land of treats! You're a pot of gold young lady and I hope you keep creating more stories like these for us to enjoy.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your story Isabel it's fantastic great imagination.Keep up the good work!

    Brenner Rm14