Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Squares Math Learning Group

We are learning to make a tidy ten to add numbers like 38+7=
We practiced using the tens frames

How do you add numbers together?


  1. I think I automatically make tidy tens when I am adding !

  2. hi room 14 I can see what you have been doing in your classroom.You have been adding numbers to make ten and also that is called making a tidy number.I might give it a try with the tens frames at home.I think you have a very nice blog and I'm looking forward to doing more comments.

  3. Hi room 14 so this is what your class has been doing.I've always wanted to know what your class has been up to.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful comments
    Brenner rm14

  5. The tens frame is a treasure! Makes students visualize the math operations. You're an inspiring example to teachers everywhere. - Layce of