Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mother Duck

Every year the same duck comes back to our school to lay her eggs. Building a nest at a school seems like a strange thing to do. 
This morning Room 14 went and visited Mother Duck in Fairyland.  We had to be quiet so we didn't scare her. We wonder how many eggs she has laid in her nest?
Here are some of our stories we wrote about Mother Duck. 
We drew pictures of Mother Duck using Kidpix.

As she lays her eggs snug and warm in fairyland Mother Duck is fed by Father Duck. Dugan puts a fence to stop kids from damaging her scaly feathers even though she is tucked away in the leaf litter under the fern. The sky blue eggs will hatch into ducklings soon. I hope they have a safe trip across the road.
By Lucy
Illustration by Leighton
Mother Duck is special to our school. We look after her. We think she is beautiful. I like Mother Duck. She is my favourite bird. I like her pretty feathers. I remember when she was on Putikitiki with her babies.
By Kurtis.
Illustration by Ryan

Mother Duck has had a lot of babies. Mother Duck always keeps her babies warm. She also makes her eggs warm by sitting on them. She is outside in Fairyland curling up into a ball under a tree. She has a scaly pattern of colours and feathers.
By Aisha
Illustration by Esitia

Today we went to Fairyland to see Mother Duck. She was laying with her eggs. She was resting with the egg. Father Duck always brings some food for her. If you are behind Mother Duck you have to be quiet.
By Lita
Illustration by Tremaine


  1. Wow... great job Tremaine for doing Mother Duck's picture.
    From Lita Rm 14.

  2. Hi
    I like your Mother Duck illustration Esitia Tremaine Ryan and Leighton

    From Xakiryion

  3. Wow awesome ducks you blew my socks off with your ducks by robert

  4. Dear Room14 Nice pictures everyone. Really cute too.
    From Aisha

  5. Dear Room 14
    Cool pictures they look fantastic from Fairyland.
    by Kody

  6. We think your stories are cool. We went and visited mother duck too- we thought she was laying an egg.

    Have a good day
    From Room 5

  7. WOW! Tremaine that is a good duck picture.

    from Tarn

  8. Hi my name is Hayze and I go to Melville Intermediate School wow these pictures are really cool your class has a couple of artist there those drawings look amazing!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow mother duck looks really furry. I cant want to see mother ducks ducklings hatch.

    How many ducklings do you think she will lay?

  10. I like the way you drew mother duck Tremaine. I like the egg

    from Elie rm 12

  11. Hi my name is izaejah from melville intermediate and those picture look cool and the stories are awesome.

  12. Hello my name is Morgen and I go to Melville Intermediate, the stories you wrote about Mother Duck are very good!! So are the drawings that you did with them!

  13. hello my name is shayne and i go tu melville intermediate, the storties you wrote about mother duck a very very good and these picture are AWESOME :) good work

  14. That look like the father is doing a big job Tremaine. The mother duck is lucky because the father duck is getting the food. by Ryan

  15. We like that father duck is feeding mother duck worms.
    from Fabian.

  16. I love all your pictures because they are detailed. They were awesome.
    From Georgia

  17. Hi my name is Izaejah from Melville Intermidiate Hamilton, cool pictures and stories.

  18. Hi my name is Hayze and I am a yr8 student at Melivlle Intermediate School New Zealand, Hamilton.
    You have a couple of artist in your class, those drawings of the mother duck blew me away and wow that photo of the Mother duck looks amaing.

  19. Hi Room 14!! My name is Jenna and I am a year 8 at Melville Intermediate School, in Hamilton :)
    I really like the pictures of the ducks, they are really cool and creative!!! You have some awesome artists in your class and they are really awesome!!! And I really like your blog, your doing well!!! Keep up the great work!!

    From Jenna :)

  20. Yeah now we know that mother duck has babys.They were cute.From Phillip