Friday, September 28, 2012


Yay it is our school holidays.  We are on holiday for two weeks.  When we get back we will look at everyone's blogs again.  Some of us have a computer at home and will try to write comments while we are on holiday on your blogs.  Have a great two weeks.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


We have been having fun over the last two week learning how to safely tuck our chins in and curl in a ball to do a forward roll. Some of us are clever enough to do backward flips. We can all balance on the beam using our arms to assist us. Some of us can jump off the vault and do a flip in the air. Gymnastics on PhotoPeach fun gymnastics on PhotoPeach Gymnastics fun on PhotoPeach

Turtle Safe

Today we read a poem about being safe in an earthquake.  Isn't it a great poem?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


At twenty six minutes after nine this morning we had an earthquake practice.  It was really important to us to practice as there was a terrible earthquake, of magnitude 7, in Christchurch just over a year ago and lots of people were unprepared.  We haven't felt an earthquake before so Mrs Nicholson put on a soundtrack to help us visualise the experience.  We all stopped, covered and held until we knew it was safe.

This last youtube video we used during our drill so we could hear the sounds of an earthquake to help us visualise what it would be like.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poem - Home is

Today we wrote poems about our homes.  We had to begin the poem with 'home is' and end with '. . . and that is my home'.  We tried to make sure we incorporated our senses so that we could paint a picture in your mind.  When we had finished we got to illustrate them in kidspix, and read our poem onto the image.  What do you think of them?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Quad Blogging

We have joined in with three other classes for Quad-blogging. That means we are going to look at three classes blogs and they will look at ours. The classes are: in Scotland - Mrs Maclean's P5/19 blog; in Slovakia - Eight is Great; in USA - Rotation Day A. You can find the link to their blogs on the side of ours. Go and have a look at all the wonderful things they are doing. Last week we visited the class blog in Scotland and found out they have been recycling just like us. This week they are going to visit ours. Welcome. We hope you enjoy finding out about our school, our class, and our learning. :-)

Our Operetta Stories

Our Operetta Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


We have finished our operetta. The operetta was about making changes. Our class production was about reducing, reusing and recycling. We made our own musical instruments and wearable arts costumes and preformed a percussion show. ">

Commended in the Altrusa Writing Competition

Chloe decided to enter the Altrusa Writing Competition.  She had to begin her story, 'If I could I would be . . . '.  It was the first time she had entered a writing competition that was open to the entire county.  She did so well to get a commended.  Here is her story.

Moshi Monsters

If I could I’d be a Moshi Monster.
Moshi Monsters is a game where you can create a monster and care for it.  You’re allowed to make up your own owner name and monster name.  There are six monsters to choose from.  You can also choose two colours for it.  Their names are Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Popet, Zomer and Luvily.  You have a book to collect your medals in and you keep it in your house.  You also have a health and happiness bar.  If you get them both up to 999 you will get a medal for it. 
On Moshi Monster there is a diamond castle called the puzzle palace.  At the puzzle palace if you do the daily challenge you get lots of money.  It is named the puzzle palace because it has got lots of puzzles.  There are heaps of puzzles and it is a place where when you have finished a puzzle you get five rox.  Rox are little diamonds but on Moshi Monsters it is actually money. 
Also on Moshi Monsters there is a map but some places on the map are for members only.  On Main Street there is a shop called the grose–ery store where you can buy all your food to boost your health.  On Moshi Monsters there are these things called Moshlings.  If you are not a member then you can only have two Moshlings, but if you are a member you are allowed 24 or 42 Moshlings, but only six in your house.
On the map there is a volcano for members that become Super Moshis.  They get to do super- Moshi’s missions.  And at the end of every mission they get a Moshling.  Lucky Super Moshis.  I wish I was a member but I need a membership card.  Moshlings can’t be fed but when you click them they make a cool noise. 
On the map there is a place called the Port and at the Port there are some shops.  In one of the shops, called Colourama, you can change your colours to whatever you like.
I think Moshi Monsters are cool and I wish I was one.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sorting Rubbish

">Rubbish in Our School

Cross Country Writing

We have finished our cross country training and run our race.  We all set goals.  Some of us just wanted to be able to finish the race because it was a very long way to run.  Others wanted to come in the top six, or win, their race. We all wrote about our experience afterwards. Cross Country

Reading with expression

We have been practicing reading our poems with expression.  We read them onto photobooth.  Have a look at this one:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daffodil Day

For daffodil day we brought in a gold coin to raise money for the Cancer Society.  Our poem for the week was Daffodils by Wordsworth.  We found a wonderful link to illustrate the poem.  Have a look: