Monday, September 24, 2012

Commended in the Altrusa Writing Competition

Chloe decided to enter the Altrusa Writing Competition.  She had to begin her story, 'If I could I would be . . . '.  It was the first time she had entered a writing competition that was open to the entire county.  She did so well to get a commended.  Here is her story.

Moshi Monsters

If I could I’d be a Moshi Monster.
Moshi Monsters is a game where you can create a monster and care for it.  You’re allowed to make up your own owner name and monster name.  There are six monsters to choose from.  You can also choose two colours for it.  Their names are Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Popet, Zomer and Luvily.  You have a book to collect your medals in and you keep it in your house.  You also have a health and happiness bar.  If you get them both up to 999 you will get a medal for it. 
On Moshi Monster there is a diamond castle called the puzzle palace.  At the puzzle palace if you do the daily challenge you get lots of money.  It is named the puzzle palace because it has got lots of puzzles.  There are heaps of puzzles and it is a place where when you have finished a puzzle you get five rox.  Rox are little diamonds but on Moshi Monsters it is actually money. 
Also on Moshi Monsters there is a map but some places on the map are for members only.  On Main Street there is a shop called the grose–ery store where you can buy all your food to boost your health.  On Moshi Monsters there are these things called Moshlings.  If you are not a member then you can only have two Moshlings, but if you are a member you are allowed 24 or 42 Moshlings, but only six in your house.
On the map there is a volcano for members that become Super Moshis.  They get to do super- Moshi’s missions.  And at the end of every mission they get a Moshling.  Lucky Super Moshis.  I wish I was a member but I need a membership card.  Moshlings can’t be fed but when you click them they make a cool noise. 
On the map there is a place called the Port and at the Port there are some shops.  In one of the shops, called Colourama, you can change your colours to whatever you like.
I think Moshi Monsters are cool and I wish I was one.


  1. Cool I have a moshi monster. It is a katsuma. I am not a member but I wish I was.
    from Lucy R.8

  2. I thought that your story was fantastic.

  3. Chloe is very pleased to hear that. She has a big smile on her face.