Wednesday, September 26, 2012


At twenty six minutes after nine this morning we had an earthquake practice.  It was really important to us to practice as there was a terrible earthquake, of magnitude 7, in Christchurch just over a year ago and lots of people were unprepared.  We haven't felt an earthquake before so Mrs Nicholson put on a soundtrack to help us visualise the experience.  We all stopped, covered and held until we knew it was safe.

This last youtube video we used during our drill so we could hear the sounds of an earthquake to help us visualise what it would be like.


  1. We thought that the earthquake practice looked scary, but it's good that you are trained in case it happens.

  2. It was a bit scary because of the sound effects. When we finished all our desks and chairs were crazily scattered around the room.

  3. It was very fun on shakeout i loved.It was scary with soud efects.Now im preperd for when we have a real earthquake.And the video that says drop cover and hold it sounds so real.

    from Chloe.S rm14

  4. We're really glad that you take the time to practise that. It's important to be safe. We've never experienced an earthquake before but it seems like it would be scary.

  5. Thank you for telling me so much about earthquakes I never new that you should DROP, COVER, HOLD during a earthquake
    did you experience any earthquakes recently?