Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anna's new blog

Next year I will be teaching in a different classroom at Hamilton East School.
I am also going to be teaching a different age group.

I have loved creating a blog with Room 14 and can't wait to start a new blog with the students in Room 4 next year.

Thank you for viewing Room 14's blog and interacting with us. 
My students have learnt so much sharing their learning with the world.

Please follow me to my new blog which will be updated properly in February 2012 when school in New Zealand returns after our summer holidays.


  1. I have loved looking at your wonderful blog I will miss going onto your blog and seeing all the wonderful posts!

    From Madisen Bond Room20 Hes.

  2. Hi room 14 Leane here I hope that you have a great christmas from Leane.

  3. Hi! Leane,
    How are you? We hope you are having a great at your new school.
    We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas too.
    From Room 14

  4. Hi! Madisen,
    I hope you keep looking at my new blog. I am sure it will also show the great learning that goes on in Room 4.
    What room are you going to be in next year Madisen? That way I can look at your fabulous learning too.

  5. Hi,
    We've had great fun reading your posts. Thanks for sharing projects and photos with us. We'll still be here when you open up shop in February, as our school year ends in June. Have a great summer!
    WinnersEducation classes KIds 1,Kids2 Bumper, Win1