Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to Quad Blogging

This week is the beginning of our Quad Blogging. 

This is a great way to connect with other classes around the world.
It is when you have other classes around the world that are your friends. You connect with them by looking at and commenting on their blogs. We will find out what they are learning about. We hope to also learn about their countries.
Our Quad Blogging buddies are - 

Hi! Quad Bloggers,
This is us - Room 14 - underneath the gateway at the front of our school.
We are excited about reading your comments on our blog.
We have thought of some questions to find out more about you - 
Where do you like to play at your school?
What is your favourite subject? 
What do you like to learn about?
Do you have a school uniform?
What time does your school start and finish?
Where is your school?
How many students are at your school? 
How old is your school?

We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Wonderful Room 14 that you are involved in the quad blogging, I can see from your cluster map that very shortly you will have 1,000 visitors to your class page, that's a huge achievement for your new page, and when you think about all the places in the world that is viewing your work it makes it even more special! The best thing is that that number will keep getting higher and higher now students in the USA and Europe are back at school and they will come and see your wonderful work.

  2. Hi New Zealand we are from Trinity school, what are you learning about in class? We are learning about the space you have a big school?

    love from Katie, Martha, Evie

  3. what do you do at your school at playtime?

  4. MY favourite subject is numracy because I like to work out the answers.

  5. Hi everyone at East School
    Thanks for contacting us in Denmark - Thanks to Mr. Webb.
    We are a 1st grade class (7-8 years of age). We come from Kolding, Denmark - from Vonsild School. We are 18 pupils in class. We do not have English before 3rd grade, but are very interested in learning more about culture and people around the world.
    We do not wear school uniforms in Denmark.
    You can follow our English School blog: or you can follow our class here: We look forward to collaborate with you!!
    From 1A and Mr. Stefan Nielsen, Denmark

  6. At Trinity our favourite outdoor game is football.
    From Arlo, Joe and Kyle.

  7. Hi Room 14!
    I like to play soccer at my school.
    My favourite subject is running.I like to learn maths in my class.My school does not have a uniform. We start school at 9am and end at 3pm.
    The school that I go to is in Hamilton.
    I think my school has 300 kids.
    From Eva
    Room 14

  8. Hello friends,
    My favorite subject is Science because we get crayfish. School starts at 8:00 and ends at 3:00 or 3:05. What time does your school start and end?


  9. Hello,
    My favorite subject is gym. We are learning about division. We do not have to wear a school uniform . I am from New York. What is your favorite subject?


  10. Hi,
    We have no school uniforms. Our school starts at seven fifty and ends at three o clock. Do you have school uniforms? What time does your school start and finish? What do you like to do in school?

  11. Hello friends! I start school at 7:11 and my school ends at 3:05.
    In school I like to learn about plants and animals.
    How many stories do you have in your school?

    Sincerely, Alexis

  12. Hi class14,
    My name is Denali. What is your weather like there?

  13. Hello class 14,
    We are learning about crayfish in Science. My favorite subject in school is math and music.
    Sincerely ,

  14. Hello,
    I like to play on the playground.
    It's nice to talk . Shiloh

  15. Hello,
    We are learning about crayfish, they dont get along very well, and crawl overtop of each other. Two of them are missing one claw.What are you guys learning


  16. Hello class ,
    We don't have school uniforms. We start school at 8:00am and end at 3:05pm. My favorite subject is math. I like learning science in my class. The school I go to is Sherman. What do you like to learn about in school?

  17. Hollo friends.
    Do you have a class pet?
    I like to play on the iPad in the room.
    My favorite subject is math.



  18. I like to play at the playground and at gym. Where do you like to play in your school? My favorite subject is Music and Gym. What is your favorite subject? I like to learn Science and Social Studies. What do you like to learn? We only have uniforms for sports. Do you have uniforms? We start at 8:00 and it ends at 3:05. When do you start and end? We have about 500 students in our school.

  19. The United States and New Zealand have alot of things in commen and have alot of diffrent things. First, New Zealand and New York are alike in many ways. We both speak engilsh. The US borders the Atlantic and Passific Ocean and New Zealand is an Iland the South Passific Ocean. Second, these two places are diffrent in many ways. New Zealand drives on the left side. The US drives on the right side. That is how the US and New Zealand are diffrent and alike. From, Denali

  20. The United States and New Zeland have a lot in commen,and many things that are different.
    First,one way they are simmalr is that they both have a huge population.The U.S.A.'s population is estimated at 306,861,418.The New Zeland's population is estimated at 4,213,418.
    Second,one way they are different is that we have different money.New Zeland has the New Zeland dollar.Our country has the United States dollar.
    Clearly, that is what I know about the United States and New Zeland.

  21. I like the pictures that you posted of your school.We also learned about New Zeland yesterday. It is cool there. What does your stores look like? The United States and New Zealand are alike and different in many ways. First, New Zealand and the USA have different driving rules. New Zealand people drive to the left. The USA people drve to the right. Second,New Zealand and the USA are alike. both countries speak English even thoughthey live far away.WE are also alike because we both have Prime Ministers. From Carrie