Saturday, December 17, 2011

A surprise from Denmark

Our friends from 1A at Vonsild School in Denmark told us that they had sent us something in the mail. We were worried that school would end for the year before the surprise arrived. 
Luckily just before we went to our final assembly for 2011 look what got delivered to our class - 
We were so excited to get something all the way from Denmark.
Look what was inside - Christmas decorations, a card, a Danish flag and a map. We are very lucky to have such thoughtful blog buddies.
Anna has promised us that she will put them in her new class next year so we can come and look at them.
Thank you so much to our special friends in Denmark.
We hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Pea Tasting

We were excited to find that some of our peas we had been growing in the Kitchen Garden were ready to eat.

We ate them straight from the pod and they tasted delicious. 
We were surprised they were so sweet.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last days of school

We have had a busy few days at school. We had our Amazing Race. We cleaned our desks and we had a craft day.
Craft  Day
Anna found a cute idea on how to make trees and thought we should give it a go too.
We had to make a cone shape with paper. Then we cut out petals from coloured paper. 

Then we had to glue all the petals onto the cone starting from the bottom and working our way up.

It took quite a long time to get all the petals onto our trees. 
Take a look at our beautiful trees when we were finished.
If you want to make a tree like ours take a look at the blog post Anna found on Crate Paper Blog. It has some great tips.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Amazing Race

To celebrate learning together for a whole year we went to the Hamilton Gardens to have an amazing race.
In each garden there were tasks we needed to complete before we went to the next garden. Sometimes we needed to look carefully for something in the gardens, or we had to take a class photo. We had some great parents and families come along to help us. Lucky they had good gardening knowledge so they could give us some good hints when we got stuck!
Here are some of the photos from our Amazing Race.
 Amphitheatre in the Italian Gardens             Kitchen Garden
 English Garden                                       Indian Garden
     Chinese Garden                             Egyptian Statues

Afterwards we were tired and hungry! Luckily we got to have a shared lunch back at school. Because we have been learning about lunch Around the World lots of the students shared food from their cultures. Room 14 loved trying all of the delicious food and flavours.
Dumplings, muffins, brownies                                     Spring rolls, cupcakes
Cupcakes, cake, croissants, sandwiches, strawberries, chicken, popcorn

Curry and roti     Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, Maple Syrup dip

Then....we had a sports afternoon on Putikitiki with all of Totara Team.

What was your favourite part of the day?
What is growing in your garden?
Do you have beautiful public gardens where you live?

Take a look at our photopeach to see more of our great day together.
The Amazing Race on PhotoPeach

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anna's new blog

Next year I will be teaching in a different classroom at Hamilton East School.
I am also going to be teaching a different age group.

I have loved creating a blog with Room 14 and can't wait to start a new blog with the students in Room 4 next year.

Thank you for viewing Room 14's blog and interacting with us. 
My students have learnt so much sharing their learning with the world.

Please follow me to my new blog which will be updated properly in February 2012 when school in New Zealand returns after our summer holidays.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Room 14's Blog Award Ceremony

We were all very excited about finding out about the winners of our blog awards. 
Some of use even dressed up for the occasion. 

Here is a vimeo of our award ceremony. 
A special thank you to Tarn for being Room 14's expert with the Flip Cam.

DK skyped in prior to the award ceremony starting to announce the winner of the Best Link Love Blog.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Room 14's Own Blog Award Ceremony

 Here are Room 14's Blog Award Winners as voted by the students in Room 14 - 

Best Bilingual Blog

Best Class Blog


Best Use of Video

Most Helpful Blog

Quality Comments

Room 14's Own Best Blog Post

The Best Link Love Blog Award is about a blog that links its posts to other blogs and websites. Room 14 students nominated the blogs that they thought did this well. 
We asked DK from CORE Education to judge the final winner for us. 
Best Link Love Blog

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Room 14's Own Blog Awards

Room 14 got very excited about making our Edublog award nominations. 
When Anna said we could make our own awards we took it very seriously.
We had to create categories for the types of awards we wanted.
We also had to then nominate blogs.
And then.....we got to vote.
Anna created a questionnaire for us using google docs so we could vote secretly. 

Here are Room 14's award categories and their nominees - 
Best Bilingual Blog

Best Class Blog

Best Use of Video
Room 8 Melville Intermediate School

Most Helpful Blog
Room 8 Melville Intermediate School

Quality Comments

Room 14's Own Best Blog Post

Best Link Love Blog
Room 12 Hamilton East School
2KM & 2KJ

The Best Link Love Blog Award is being judged by DK from CORE Education

Our Garden

Today we went to the Kitchen Garden to see how our plants are growing. Our garden is growing bigger and bigger. Our plants have been getting lots of sunlight and rain. Also Yusuf has been watering the plants too. We think we have looked after our garden really well.

Some of us picked some lettuce for our lunch. The trick is to pick the outside leaves.

Room 14's peas are growing around and up the bamboo so they get more sunlight. We were excited to see that the pea pods had started to grow. They grow right out of the flower.
Our zucchini is about to flower. This means very soon it will start growing zucchinis.
Two weeks ago we planted some pumpkin plants that we got from Mr Bull, our old principal. Look how they have grown!
Our school raspberry plants we got from Paper 4 Trees have started to fruit. We were lucky enough to have a little taste of them. We managed to share 2 raspberries between 15 people! They tasted delicious.  
What is ready to eat in your garden?
What do you like to eat from your garden?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Edublog Awards

We were so excited to hear that we made it through to the voting round of the 
We have looked at the other nominees and can't believe we are with them. We are really proud of ourselves for sharing our learning on our blog.

 We would really like people to vote for us. 
Here is the link to the 
Our Blog name is Room 14 HES.

The best bit is you can vote once everyday up until December 13th 2011.
It would be great if you can vote at home and also tell your family and friends. 
There are lots of great blogs in different categories too. Get voting!
Today I played a trick on Room 14 and told them that the flip camera kept doing silly things and so I would need to film for a little while.....
Then I showed Room 14 the Edublog Award Shortlisted Nominations to see if the blogs we had nominated had got through.
Take a look at our vimeo to see what happened -