Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Edublog Awards

We were so excited to hear that we made it through to the voting round of the 
We have looked at the other nominees and can't believe we are with them. We are really proud of ourselves for sharing our learning on our blog.

 We would really like people to vote for us. 
Here is the link to the 
Our Blog name is Room 14 HES.

The best bit is you can vote once everyday up until December 13th 2011.
It would be great if you can vote at home and also tell your family and friends. 
There are lots of great blogs in different categories too. Get voting!
Today I played a trick on Room 14 and told them that the flip camera kept doing silly things and so I would need to film for a little while.....
Then I showed Room 14 the Edublog Award Shortlisted Nominations to see if the blogs we had nominated had got through.
Take a look at our vimeo to see what happened - 


  1. Well Done Room 14! What a great achievement, I have voted for your blog.

  2. Room Fourteen, this is a special, special achievement. There are 54 blogs on the list, some of which (including yours) are the very, very best blogs in the world. For you to get shortlisted in the top group from all the sites nominated is a huge honor and you should be very, very proud of what you have achieved. Also to get over 2,200 visitors to your page in under a year is another massive achievement.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

  3. I could't believe my eyes when I saw our blog on the shortlist. I thought it was someone else. I thought we wouldn't make it to the shortlist. I am really proud of my self.
    From Rebecca

  4. Congratulations Room 14 on being nominated in the best class blogs awards. We are very proud of you. We have voted for you and we are all going to vote from home with our families too! We have loved reading and learning from your blog this year. You have helped us to learn how to; post comments; make a storybird; put flags on our faces; look after our environment; make connections and learn about lunches in other countries.
    Thank you for all your ideas and help. Good luck, we hope you win!
    from Room 16 and Mrs McK

  5. I loved the vimeo of when we didn't realise that it was our Blog.
    It was very funny.
    From Phillip
    Room 14

  6. Well done Room 14 - Kids with a view is thrilled that your blog made it to the Edublog shortlist. We love receiving your well written comments and we love following your blog. You always have interesting posts for us to read or watch. Good luck!

    Kids with a View

  7. Congratulations Room 14 and Anna. You have worked really hard to create a gorgeous blog and have made some fantastic friends with your fellow bloggers. I am voting for you every day that I remember!

    Good luck

    Mrs Blair

  8. Congratulations Room 14. We will definately be voting for you guys.