Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Garden

Today we went to the Kitchen Garden to see how our plants are growing. Our garden is growing bigger and bigger. Our plants have been getting lots of sunlight and rain. Also Yusuf has been watering the plants too. We think we have looked after our garden really well.

Some of us picked some lettuce for our lunch. The trick is to pick the outside leaves.

Room 14's peas are growing around and up the bamboo so they get more sunlight. We were excited to see that the pea pods had started to grow. They grow right out of the flower.
Our zucchini is about to flower. This means very soon it will start growing zucchinis.
Two weeks ago we planted some pumpkin plants that we got from Mr Bull, our old principal. Look how they have grown!
Our school raspberry plants we got from Paper 4 Trees have started to fruit. We were lucky enough to have a little taste of them. We managed to share 2 raspberries between 15 people! They tasted delicious.  
What is ready to eat in your garden?
What do you like to eat from your garden?

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  1. Wow. I love you blog! No wonder you got a best blog nomination. Congratulations. I liked the photos you posted of the kitchen garden. I now know that because my pea plants in my garden have flowers that the pea pods won't be far away. Hurray!!