Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here is a sneak peek into our lunches that we bring from home.

We also drew our lunch in kidpix and labelled it. 
Take a look at our presentation about our lunches.


  1. Great presentation. I can´t help noticing you eat a lot of wheat bread (light bread). In Denmark we use light bread for jam and honey our main course bread is dark bread made of rye. We learn from early age, that dark bread is more healthy for our bodies than light bread. Do you have that in New Zealand and what do you think about that?
    From 1A, Vonsild School, DK

  2. We like the look of your lunches that you have drawn. They look very tasty. Maybe we should come and share your lunch with you, Room 14!??
    From Room 10

  3. Room 14,
    You are very good at drawing what is in your lunch. You are doing a fantastic job at sharing your learning with the world. You have made connections with people in lots of different countries. I like looking at your cluster map to see who has looked lately.

    Mrs Blair

  4. thats some awesome drawings of the students nude foods in their lunch box. From Joshua Rm13