Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lunch in Athens, Greece

We have made friends with a blog in Greece.
It is a bilingual blog which means it is in two languages. 
We like looking at the Greek on their blog but we can't understand anything until we look at the English part.
They also took photos of their lunch for us. 
Room 14 thought that their lunches looked delicious.
You should take a look at their PhotoPeach on their blog. 
You can click on this photo to take you there.
Effie, their teacher also shares some helpful information about lunch in Greece. 

In Greece we leave school at 2pm. We have lunch at home, where our parents or sometimes grandmothers make delicious food.

The traditional Greek dishes are pasta cooked in many different ways, fish, seafood and pulses.

We also love souvlaki or gyros. We buy it at one of the many souvlaki restaurants near our houses and it is brought to our home.

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