Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lunch in Argentina

Our friends at St Hilda's School in Buenos Aires, Argentina emailed us some fantastic photos of lunchtime at their school.
We loved seeing the different things they have for lunch. We were also really impressed that they got to have dessert.
Take a look at our PhotoPeach to see what our friends in Argentina do for lunch.
Lunch at St Hilda's on PhotoPeach


  1. Room Fourteen - another fantastic post in the series I hope you are doing something wonderful to share this with the rest of your school.

  2. I love this post the most because now I know that they eat their lunch in a cafeteria and that some people bring there lunch from home.
    from Eva
    Room 14

  3. Wow i wish i had lunch like them everyday.
    room13 Tyrone

  4. Thank you for the slide.
    It looks....tasty...!!! Now I know why you look so strong, handsome and pretty.

    linlin from Taiwan