Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Connections

At the moment it is school holidays in New Zealand. 
I am lucky to be at a conference called Ulearn.
 Today I was a presentation led by two teachers called Claire Buist and Anne Kenneally.
I had a look at a blog that Anne helps with -  Room 7 at St Mary's School.
AND guess what....they had a blog post about us! Room 14!!! Isn't that cool!
Click on the screen shot of their blog post so you can take a look at what Room 7 has been up to.


  1. Some connections in this world are only to be described as PURE MAGIC!!! Online is an amazing learning environment... then meeting face to face brings the icing to the cake, the layer of magic. I have tears in my eyes as I read your post - how truly Serendipitous to meet you today and make this connection. Your class are very lucky to have such an awesome teacher! I eagerly look forward to connecting more in the future!

  2. Yes great to see collaborations between teachers and hopefully it will lead to more between your two schools.