Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Buddy Day Today!

We decorated our buddy. We all wrote stories about him and choose his name. Then we recorded his story in his special diary. We combined stories from nearly the whole class to make his story. 

Our buddy Nate joined in with our learning. We took him to our big slide. He really liked it. Buddy day is about raising awareness about children and their safety. You can find out more about it here. We hope our buddy Nate had a great day and we look forward to seeing what he did. We miss him.

Our buddy Nate met Buddy Bud from Room 4.

This is a photo of us before we said goodbye to Nate.


  1. Our class really enjoyed creating Nate.The book around Nate's neck is his diary it tells you his story.
    From Ciara

  2. Buddy Nate was so cool. from Liliana Sharnel

  3. to choose his name we counted to 14 in the alphabet and the letter that we got was n and that had to be the first letter of his name.then some people that had ideas for the name put there hands up on the mat and we could only pick 6 names with the name starting with n.once we had 6 names on the whiteboard we all got a small peice of paper and pick one of the names of the whiteboard.then we all handed our little peice of paper to the teacher and she did a tally chart .the name that won was Nate.I had lots of fun decorating him.
    Sonia room 14

  4. I wonder how Buddy day was made up and how they created it. I loved decorating our buddy it was such a nice time. We all was very careful with our buddy and some of us liked going down the slide with Nate.
    From Alexus Rm14