Friday, September 26, 2014

Farewell Mrs McLean

Today we farewelled Mrs Mclean because it was  her last day.
We gave her a plate with  our names on it.
All of us gave her a huge hug. She is leaving Hamilton to live in Auckland. We will miss her. Mrs McLean was in our class every Thursday this year for half the day. We liked doing art with her. What did you like doing with Mrs McLean?
Written by Josh


  1. I really miss you Mrs McLean i thought you and Mrs Blair was the best teacher ever. While we were doing the hug i felt like i was about to cry!!!!!!!

  2. I was so sad to see Mrs Mclean go she was a hard working smart teacher with a loving soul we all miss Mrs Mclean I hope she comes and see us. She was amazing every one can say that. But what I
    do now is that we are sad and so is she but we have to hope she is having a good time and she might be having a wonderful time with the nice bright waters we all miss Mrs Mclean Latoya rm14 .