Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome Te Mata School

Our principal Pippa spoke to her daughter who teaches at Te Mata School and they agreed to come to our school for a visit. We had an amazing powhiri when Te Mata school arrived. We started off with waiata and then the Kapa Haka performed. We shared our mihi and some students from Te Mata shared their mihi too. We enjoyed listening to Te Mata sing a song to us. We are showing them what we do at Hamilton East School.


  1. You were great hosts Room 14. What was your favourite part of the day ?

    1. Hi Pippa,
      We liked playing with our buddy. We built things with the blocks. We played soccer with him and he was good!
      Room 14 HES

  2. hey I wish I was there but I had to stay home because I was sick don't want anyone catching my cough.Well the main thing was that you had lots of fun.