Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ned and Kylie came to Hamilton East School

Kylie came to talk to us about Ned and she talked to us about being champions at our learning. To be a champion we need to set goals and persist. That means sometimes we take tiny steps towards our goal. Kylie told us some stories about Ned this morning. She asked us to put out our hands and put a goal in each hand. Now we have a couple of goals to achieve. Kylie does lots of yoyo tricks. 

At the end Kylie ripped up a tissue into bits, then she put the tissue inside her mouth. When she went to take the tissue out it was a long rainbow rope. 

Ned is an acronym. Ned stands for 
Never give up,
Encourage others,
Do your best!
Kylie quizzed us at the end of the show and she gave a yoyo to one of the people who answered her questions. 

 What are the goals that you are working on?


  1. I enjoyed the Ned show and thank you to all the teachers that payed for Ned to come to visit Hamilton east school.I learnt to persist(just take little steps)and to never give up.
    From Sonia

  2. Cool yoyo. my goal is writing by liliana

  3. that was a amazing show thanks for doing it

  4. Wow that was a amazing show thanks for doing it
    by Aly

  5. I wanted to watch that again.

  6. I want to watch that again..
    from josh