Thursday, July 3, 2014

Skip a thon!

Today was the Skip-a-thon. There were lots of fun activities for everyone. We had sack races, we were jumping to learn about our skipping jump. Our skipping jump is when we jump with our feet together.
We had long skipping ropes so we could jump over them when they went over our head or jump over when it was like a snake on the ground. 

We had lots of helpers from Room 10. They showed us what to do. It was awesome skipping today, we enjoyed it. Thanks Miss Suze and Room 10 for organising the Skip-a-thon.
Written by Room 14


  1. Our skipping- a-thon was fantastic
    its cool because everybody would see
    what we did at school and say that looks like they had
    fun doing skip-a -thon by Latoya

  2. wow room 14 it looks like you had lost of fun
    were you tired after skipping