Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Room 14's Book shop

Room 14 have been learning about money.

We have made a shop in our class. Our shop sells books so we had to ask our librarian for some extra books for our class. Everybody is welcome to share our shop. We have made paper wallets for people to keep their money safe.

Do you have a shop in your class? What can you buy at your shop?


  1. Yes we do have a shop we can buy Vegetable - Corn,Beans,Carrots,Eggplants and more we can buy fruit - Bananas,Apples,Grapes and Oranges and canned foods. We also have fake money called molas and shopping list.

    By Tylah-Dawnn Room 11 HES

  2. I like how you work with money.
    From Sam
    Room 5

  3. Thats a great shop room 14. Nyasha