Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bryan and Bobby Show

Bryan and Bobby came to our school to teach us about looking after our possessions. They taught us about serial numbers and how important numbers and letters are. We learnt that Bryan has a long serial number. We had to try and remember what it was but it was too long! 

To help us remember our serial numbers the police have a special website that only the person who goes on it has the password for. You can record all of you serial numbers in it. The website is www.snap.org.nz 

If you log in and put your details in you can be in to win $2000!
Written by Isabel and Alexus as told to Mrs Blair

Have you logged you serial numbers yet? Do you know where to find them on your valuables?


  1. I like Bobby the most because he's really really funny!
    Who do you like the most I like Bobby the dog.
    Brenner Rm 14

  2. Wow room 14 i liked Brian and Bobby it was cool from Tom

  3. I like Brian and Bobby Because Bobby was funny. from Affaan