Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Winter Scarves

We got given some really warm scarves. The people who gave them to us wanted to learn how to knit so they made enough for the whole school to have one. We really like ours because they were donated to us and they are keeping us warm.

We drew pictures about how we felt to get a scarf.


  1. Hi, Room 14. You look very smart in your new scarves. What lucky students you are to be given these.

    Tom's Mum, Meaghan

    1. Thanks Meaghan. we like the scarfs too. Did you have a nice weekend? We had a nice weekend.
      from Josh and Sonia

  2. I agree with Meaghan. I love the colours of the scarves and the smiles of the happy children wearing them.

  3. I really like seeing our class wearing the scarves. I think they look very warm and snuggly. What colour is your scarf?
    From Mrs Blair Rm 14 HES

  4. We are very cosy in these scarves they are as fluffy as a pink ball of wool.How well are you going with knitting your scarves?from Esther and Ruveni.

  5. I like how comfy and cosy the, scarves look.
    I think they are a bit too warm.
    By Isabel and Sharnel
    Room 14

  6. Hi Tom's mum thank you for your comment on our blog.The scarves were nice,cosy,colourful and warm.
    Some old people knitted them.Do have a scarf?From Reydon and Antrish.

  7. I like the scarf they are fluffy as a CLOULD. I think they are nice and warm. Do you have a scarf?
    Liliana and Tom

  8. Thank you for commenting from Heath and Affaan room14.

  9. Hay we like room 14 colourful pitchers of scarf. we got given our scarfs from knit world.
    They are cosy and warm if you where there that day is yours the same.
    what colour is your scarf? by Nyasha and Latoya room14

  10. hi room 14 I think you look very bright in those colors and very warm too.I also love the pitchers you drew with you and your scarfs.

  11. We like the room14's warm cosy scarves from the knit world. we are so pleased. they are so colourful and nice. by safa rm14

  12. We like the warm and cosy scarves from knit world. they are so warm and cosy. we are so safa rm14

  13. Thankyou so so much knit world for or amazing cozy scarfs they keep me so warm in the winter
    From Ciara room14