Monday, May 27, 2013

Creative writing using random words.

Stu Duval showed us how we can create imaginative stories by choosing three random words and then creating an interesting story from them.  The secret was to have some music playing to inspire us and to make sure we included the 5 'W's' (Who, What, When, Where, and Why).  Here are two of our stories using the words, 'dinosaur, kitten and chair'.
The Kitten’s Dinosaur Chair
Once there was a kitten named Dinosaur.  She loved her dinosaur beanbag.  Sometimes she nibbled on it as well.  One fateful day she nibbled on it too much and then it exploded!  BOOM!  Because it was such a big noise the people in the house came to see what it was.  “What happened?” asked the people.  Dinosaur was all right but the chair wasn’t.  Dinosaur was sad. One of the people in the house said, “Don’t worry.  We will get a new one.”  But nothing could replace that chair.
By Ruby Kate

The Kitten’s Dinosaur Chair
Harry the kitten had a dinosaur chair and he loved it so much that he hardly ever got off it because it was so comfortable.  So whenever he was told to do something he wouldn’t do it.  He just said, “NO.  I’m playing on my chair.”  Then one day Harry got so big that when he jumped up onto the chair, CRASH, it broke!  Harry was so sad.  But then he got a new one.  He was so happy and he had a fantastic time.
By Hamish


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these stories!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Wow Room 14 you have some cool writing. We Stu Duval was really inspiring. You could look at our blog and see what we learnt with him.
    Room 12 Hes