Monday, March 25, 2013

Throwing and Catching

Throwing and Catching skills with Sonja from Ham East on Vimeo.
Sonja, from Project Energize, came and showed us how to throw and catch.  We videoed some of the lesson so we could share her knowledge and tips with you.  She taught us catching and throwing skills and introduced some new games to us so we could practice what we had learned.

We also wrote some stories about our lesson.

This morning we went over to Dawson to learn to do ball skills. I laughed with joy. When you throw the ball and clap it is so hard to do. Catching balls and throwing, this was the best day of my life. But catching and throwing at the same time, now that’s hard isn’t it? I kept on trying with my catching. First we had to do our muscle arms and point to the target. When we threw we had to point to where we were going to throw. I think Sonja is a great Project Energizer Teacher. I like her working with us and I felt happy. My lips were curled up like a curled up caterpillar. When we were throwing we had to get the bucket down, but we only got thirteen points. It didn’t really matter, did it?
By Nevaeh

We went to Dawson to see Sonja. We did lots of catching and throwing. It was a bit hard. I threw the ball up and clapped bit I didn’t catch it because I wasn’t watching the ball. We played cool games like throwing the ball at the red shiny bucket. I got the bucket and got two points. I used my muscle arms to throw the ball as far as I could and I did. I also pointed and threw over the rainbow, throwing past my ear and my nose. When it went on the ground I ran and got it, and then ran back.
By Denver


  1. I love your blog

  2. Who won throwing the ball and hitting the buckets room 14?