Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Showing and Not Telling

This week in writing we are focusing on showing and not telling. We have been trying to describe feelings without naming them. Here are two of our stories.

 Scaredy Cat 
It was a hot day with my cat. My pet and I moved our legs into the house. I put my hands around my cat and then I lifted my soft hands up. I put the edge of my lips up. The dog came sneakily through the big door. The dog jumped up as high as it could. The cat trembled. My poor cat! It went off my hand, from my thumb all the way to my palm. My hand blasted open. I said, “OUCH, OUCH!” I ran as fast as I could to my mum. “Mum, Mum, I need some plasters because my hairy cat scratched me”. My mum put the plaster on me. She asked, “Are you alright now?” I said, “Yes” and then I had a great time with my cat.
By Isikeli

 My Cats 
One day my cat had kittens. Her face was all scrunched up. She meowed a mysterious meow. The kittens were shivering. Their faces were scrunched completely in a mess. Poor mother cat!
By Courtney

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