Monday, March 25, 2013


This summer we grew tomatoes, lettuce and green beans in our garden.  The last lettuce was harvested a couple of weeks ago.  Last week we picked a big bag of green beans and a couple of tomatoes.  We were all asked to talk with our families and come up with some favourite bean recipes.  On Friday we cooked our beans up in the two recipes and tried them out to decide which one we like the best.  One recipe was green beans with apple and walnuts coated with honey and toasted sesame seeds. The other recipe was  a green bean curry which also used two tomatoes.  The winning recipe would be the one we would use this week for the school Harvest Festival.
The two recipes were very different from each other.  We tried them with roti.  The winning recipe was a curried green beans recipe that Isikeli brought in.  Take a look:

Green Bean harvesting and taste testing on PhotoPeach


  1. Looks like Rm 14 are good harvesters. Whats the recipe? Rm10 also has beans.Rm10 has a basket full.

    from Hamish Rm10

  2. Thanks Hamish. We will publish the recipe for you.