Monday, February 11, 2013


We are learning to plan our writing to show a beginning, middle and end to our stories.  We only allow five minutes to plan so we have to quickly sketch our ideas down and add a few important words to help us.  It is important that we sequence our ideas and so we number them.  Only then do we begin our stories.  We write on every other line to allow us to edit our writing.
When we have finished we read our writing to make sure it makes sense.  Then we reread it and fix up any punctuation and underline our spelling tries.  After we have checked our spelling tries and corrected them using a spellwrite dictionary we read our story one more time.  This time we check that we have said everything we need to and not rambled.  We add in, or cross our unnecessary ramblings.  We also change any words we think we could substitute with a clearer word.

We are learning lots.

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