Monday, February 11, 2013


Portraits on PhotoPeach We have begun our self portraits.  We are using black and white portrait photographs which we are covering.  It is hard searching through all the magazines to find the right colours for our faces, hair, features and the background.  Once we have found a picture we rip the picture into tiny pieces and glue them on our photograph.  We are finding all sorts of interesting pictures that have the colours we need.  We have only just begun but they will look awesome when we have finished.


  1. Mrs Nicholson I really miss Ayman and the class .
    Abdirisaaq from Australia Brisbane

    1. So lovely to hear from you Abdi Risaaq. How are you enjoying Australia? I miss you also but know you will be enjoying learning at your new school

  2. That's a really cool idea.
    I'd like to have a look at them when they're finished.

    Rebecca Room 8

  3. Hi Room 14.What a cool spinning video. I really like it. From Mele Room 8

  4. I thought that was lovely. From ChloeB Room 8.

  5. they look so cool i really miss hamilton east school from mykaila