Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Class

Our class for 2013 is already hard at work. This week we designed and wrote our class treaty. First we did an X-Chart to find out what we wanted our class to look, feel, sound, and think like.

As we are part of the Totara team we decided to make our treaty look like a Totara tree and we have signed a leaf and added it above the treaty to to say we will try our best to follow the agreement. Have a look at our treaty.  Can you see us sitting under the Totara tree at school?
Our treaty says:
To make our class a fun and busy place where we can all learn we agree to:

·    Respect each other, our environment, our school, and ourselves.

We will use these important thoughts to the best of our ability so we have a most successful time at school.

We broke down what we think 'respect' means and came up with this:
When we Respect each other we:
·      use manners
·      are kind and we care for each other
·      help and support each other
·      include people
·      are positive towards each other
·      call people by their correct names
·      are honest
·      welcome new people and introduce ourselves.
When we Respect our environment we:
·      stay off the gardens and the banks
·      take our rubbish home or put it in the bins
·      stay out of areas we are not suppose to be in
·      look after our gardens and plants
·      don’t climb up trees
·      look after our equipment
·      put things away
·      use up all the space on our paper
·      recycle our paper and food scraps
When we Respect our school we:
·      follow the Tool kit
·      talk positively about the school
When we Respect ourselves we:
·      try our best
·      listen and follow direction
·      believe in ourselves
·      produce quality work
·      are organised and have all our equipment
·      are resilient


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