Friday, May 11, 2012

Writing about someone special

This week we wrote about someone special.  We had to be descriptive and paint a picture of the person.  Some of us were clever enough to use similes to make our writing interesting.  Here are two pieces of our writing:

My Grandma is special.  I love her.  When I go to her house we bake cookies and cup cakes.
She has curly brown hair.  Her eyes sparkle.  I feel happy when I see her.
She behaves beautifully.  She speaks nicely to me and helps me to make good decisions.  She is a kind-hearted lady. 
My Grandma looks after the trees and she waters the trees.
By Eve

My brother Daniel sounds very cute like a baby kitten miaowing at my bedroom door.  He looks very funny when he pokes out his tongue.  He copies me like a monkey. 
Daniel has big tantrums.  He screams like a dying cat.  He likes to pull my dogs tail.  He makes a red face when he is about to cry and screams.  His face goes as red as Mars.  He looks funny.
By Chloe S

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  1. Dear room 14
    Reading about your loving grand mother and secrets about your brother just makes me feel happy again.

    you guys rock Sarah