Monday, May 28, 2012

Making Ice Cream

Changes of State
In a journal we read about how to make liquid cream into ice cream without a freezer.  We put the cream, sugar and vanilla essence into a small jar.  Then we put ice into the bottom of a large jar.  Our small cream jar sat on the ice and was then surrounded by ice and topped with rock salt.   Everyone had a turn at rolling the jars for four minutes, resting it for one minute and then repeating.  We did this over half an hour then opened out jars and discovered we had made ice cream.  It was delicious.  We ate it in minutes.



  1. The ice-cream looks really yum.In Room 12 we made ice-cream too.When we tasted it the ice-cream tasted yum.
    From Aleah and Afifah

  2. Hi!Room 14
    How are you.
    The ice-cream look good and is a good idea how to make liquid ice-cream.
    From Shakshi.

  3. wow we did that in our class to that is why we are learing change of stae.
    Is your class learing change of state?

    From Abigail Room 12

  4. Yes we are learning about changes of state just like you. What else are you doing? We will look on your blog to see.

  5. wow room14 the ice cream looks good how did it taste form
    may in mataing

  6. yumm yumm that looks dilishs

  7. Are you happy?
    Were you excited to eat it?
    Your ice-cream looks really yum!
    From Zana kids with a view

  8. WOW I never made ice cream before but my Auntie has . Was it nice?
    from Tremaime.

  9. that looks so yummy can I have same