Friday, April 27, 2012

The Waikato Winter Show

Today we all went to the Waikato Show.  First we all had to get tickets.

Then we went into listen to the Civil Defence people.  They talked to us about being ready for an emergency.
We got to go outside and wander around and look at the pets.  Some of us go to pat different animals.

We listened to lots of people telling us about the Wilson family who weren't ready for the earthquake and saw their house the the mess the earthquake made.

We wandered around the cultural village and saw all the lovely food that was available to buy.  There were cultural games for children to play.

After lunch we went to the Family Stage and saw Under Cover Cody and the Funky Monkeys.  Under Cover Cody reminded us about Slip Slop Slap and Wrap.

We got to go on the stage with the Funky Monkeys and sing "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes".  Neil blew some big bubbles and we got to try and catch them.  Some of us won prizes for good manners, smiling, singing, and for doing tricks.  Look at the wonderful tee shirt that someone in our class won.


  1. Friday was so much fun!
    I loved seeing he Funky Monkeys!
    You all looked like you where having fun!
    Amy 5th Class England

  2. Hi from the Waikato Show!
    Thank you for putting this on your blog, it is great to see you had such a good time.
    Next year we are in the school holidays, so we can't arrange for a school trip - but we do have some people organising a School Holiday Programme, so you can come while your parents are at work. We hope to see you again!

    What was your favourite part?

    Organiser of The Waikato Show