Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Patrick and Shackleton Bear

On Friday we had two very special visitors come to our school.

Shackleton and Patrick are part of a 50 crew team that are traveling for 30 days on some of the world's stormiest oceans. Look where they are going . . .

This is the boat they are going on. They leave this Friday, the 10th February to travel from Bluff to Antatctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands.

If you would like to follow Shackleton's adventures with us, you can follow him on www.ourfarsouth.org You will be able to follow their blog, leave comments, and ask questions. There is also a school competition that you can enter.


  1. Hi Its Triston its going to be really cold there.
    the sun going to be out thow.Did they se any animals. There are lots of animals like polar bears seals and aolot more like pengwins.

  2. It is really cold there are they ready for that. Why are they traveling to Antartica. Are they doing it for fun or do they just do it.

  3. HI
    I am a girl from Alberta Canada. I am in grade 4 and I like art. I really like your blog because it has lots of colors. You are doing an ASEOME job. From a girl in Canada Alberta.